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" Maybe Fin just getting old. Fm not criticizing what a
man does when he thinks he sees his way to it. But Fm

Mr. Peacham stood up suddenly and stepped to Captain
Todd's side. "You can't do it," he declared. Then Mr. Dicey
Short interposed: "Remember Tolliver. He made matters
worse." And he got to his feet and approached Captain

There was a quick scraping of chairs and then the sound of
five or six voices talking at once. The men crowded around
Captain Todd. Mr. Munn rose, too, and moved toward the

"Remember Tolliver!" another voice was saying, louder

Captain Todd, in the middle of the group, kept holding up
one hand as though he wished to speak or as though, per-
haps, to ward off a blow. They crowded more closely around
rum. Then Mr. Munn, out of the corner of his eye, saw with
astonishment that Mr. Christian was still seated at the table,
alone. He seemed scarcely to be paying attention to the
movements and voices before him. On the instant, as though
Mr. Munn's glance were a signal, Mr. Christian stood up,
shoved his chair raspingly aside with his foot, and took two
heavy strides toward the group. " Great God!" he exclaimed.
"Great GodP* Then, as the voices ceased, and the men
turned to look at him, " Great God, can't you-all see when a
man's got bis mind made up?"

He looked at the group for a moment, then crammed his
bkck felt hat on to his skull, jerked down the brim, and went
out the door into the dark hall. His boot heels hit the stairs
heavily as he went down.

Captain Todd had stood in the midst of the group, his
hand raised slightly as though for silence, but the other men
had been silent at that moment, their eyes turned toward the
door through which Mr. Christian had disappeared. Mr.
Munn was to remember that sceneŚthe Captain standing
there with his hand raised a littleŚwas to remember it very